Mission Statement

Mission statement

To through technology take the Word of God of the shelves, to blow the dust off its covers and to speak the voice of God over His people. To heal and restore firstly individuals in the roles that God has created them as and through healthy God-fearing individuals bring restoration into families, businesses, and communities. By the spoken Word of God to increase the Kingdom of Jesus Christ AND to empower and equip His Saints the believers.

Vision statement

To be a platform where unbelievers can enquire, research or investigate the Christian Faith without having to adhere to various rules regulations, doctrines or traditions. Without having to become a member of any organization in any way. Without having to feel exposed and or intimidated, judged or ridiculed. Also to be a platform for believers who for an untold number of reasons has drifted away from God and His Church and is experiencing the need to fill the void that can only be filled by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a platform where believers and non-believers alike can come to Christ and find their rest, be healed and recover their identity to live the victorious life on this earth as God intended it to be lived.

General statement

We at WordSeed believe in the Church of Christ and are all members of a Church congregation. The intention of this ministry and the various services it offers is not to form a new Church or congregation or even a community of believers. The only purpose is to VOICE the Word of God over His loved ones to allow the His Word, to through the Holy Spirit bring healing to troubled hearts. We believe that through this healing process The Holy Spirit will lead His people as to where He wants them to go by setting them onto their path as predetermined by God(Ef2:10) Financial statement www.kobusbosman.com is a community ministry founded by Kobus Bosman and is not part of or linked to any organization or Church group, it is not registered as an NPO and is nothing other than a platform to VOICE the word of God, with the intention to keep it in it`s purest possible form. We will never ask for money; we believe that Tithes should go to the Church were you are a member and that your offerings should go where the Holy Spirit leads you.


In the interest of clarity and integrity; the kobusbosman.com WordSeed ministry is fully funded by the various business efforts of Kobus Bosman in his person. The Ministry and Business legs are in co-existence and give cross exposure to each other. WordSeed retains the right to through various legal communication channels that are available, give exposure to the different business ventures, products, and services that are available, and also vice versa the business ventures will provide exposure to the ministry leg.