Welcome to the MoneyWise course which is a lot more than a course

In fact, it is only the beginning of a life-long journey!

In essence, it is a Godly thinking pattern and lifestyle.

It is also an exciting journey where you can have the money that you need for the life that you want to live on earth. This journey is one of value, dignity, trust, and honor in life! You do not need to be ashamed of yourself or regret that you do not have enough money for the life you want to live. On this journey, you must live with big expectations, for it will be granted to you according to your expectations, planning, skills activation, and faith.

Remember that life may not be fair, but your Creator is fair, who has enabled you to live the qualified life that is already in you


What prevents financial blessing from manifesting in your life?


• What is poverty and how to get rid of it?

• Which sound, financial principles are blessed?

• What is the difference between money, mammon, riches, prosperity and wealth?

• What is financial freedom?

• What is success?

• What are the five systems that produce financial freedom?

• What are the ten steps to financial freedom?

• How to become part of GIG corporate financial institution, where you get 0% interest loans to buy cars and homes.

• How to draw up a financial plan for your life.

• How to draw up a budget. What is a healthy budget?

• How do you manage your finances effectively


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