Thursday, 11 January 2018 06:02

The Blood Of The Lamb & The Word Of Our Testimony

God has placed it in my heart to start testifying to the world about how, through His Grace He is changing me on a daily basis.
So here I am with my Facebook page all set up,and looking very smashing I might ad, and ready to go.
The whole idea of this page is firstly to tell others about, not only the Miracles that are happening in my life( almost on a daily basis), but also to have a record of what is happening, to be able to refer back to those awesome moments when God reveals Himself to us through sometimes the smallest incidents and happenings.
It is about the milestones in my spiritual growth, it is about hearing God`s voice and sharing it with others. It is about prophetic words and recording it, it is about the spiritual growth of my family and others. It is about sharing the Gospel in a very informal manner, it is about keeping real, it is about just putting it out there! It is about Life in abundance, to the fill until it overflows(John 10:10) It is about scripture being brought to life through the Holy Spirit, as seen and experienced by a layman who`s Love for God and His Son and His Holy Spirit is starting to become all consuming! It is about creating a channel through which The Spirit of the truth can flow! It is about over coming shyness and growing bold! It is about faith that is going over into deeds through Love But first of all and Above all it is about the Love of Christ Jesus the Son of God For the Glory of God
The format of a Facebook page to do this is brilliant in that I have access to it via my smart phone, where ever I am and I can Testify real time and on the spot. One tend to forget the details of a very special happening, a prophetic word or an anointing very quick.

' And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death. ' REVELATION 12:11


It is my prayer that God will use what I am sharing with you on my Testify page, through his Holy Spirit to touch others life's, to help them to encourage them. It is a seed that I am planting asking God to make it sprout and grow into whatever will please and Glorify Him. I am also prophesying that many a soul will come to Christ for the glory of the Kingdom!