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"She looks like a "ghosty" but she is a friendly GHOST"

“She looks like a ‘ghosty’ but she is a good guy”

Sometime last year I made a stand for Jesus by refusing to do something that was suggested by someone I was doing business with.

A lot was at stake but I decided that I would not compromise.

 I told the person over the phone that God was my God and that I serve Him and him alone, also in a follow up email I stated the fact that God has revealed Himself to me and that Jesus is alive. The stand I took and statement I made, caused me major stress because I did not know how this person would react and I desperately needed the income.

A few days after this still very tense and not sure what the outcome would be, I was lying next to my four year old son while putting him to bed, after I read him his story I relaxed next to him for a while just having a chat and relaxing enjoying the comfort of the moment – pushing my stress aside. Suddenly he started to open (almost forcing open) my mouth, with his little fore finger and thumb and said: “Dad, God opens your mouth” he then continued and gave my tongue a good solid poke and said “Dad, God speaks with your tongue” I wondered where he got this from and I was thinking that maybe his teacher taught him that God uses His Holy spirit to talk through people. I asked him: “How do you know that? Did your teacher tell you?”

“Yes ” he answered,” not my teacher at school, but my teacher in my dreams”

He continued laughing excitedly enjoying every moment, telling me “she looks like a ‘ghosty’ but she is a good guy”

I had no doubt, and even now while writing this for the first time months after it happened, God sent an Angel to appear in my son`s dream to reward and encourage me because I stood up and made a stand for Him

And just as He has promised Romans 8:28 my business deal did work out for the best.

Praise God

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