Starting an online ministry is a dream I’ve carried in my heart for many years now.
With every passing year, I always found a thousand and one excuses and reasons that validated
my reticence in starting the journey towards the manifestation of my heart’s desire.
God moves in mysterious ways they say, and I can see the manifestation of this idea when
I consider the way in which it has unfolded.
My very first post on my Facebook page Word Seed explains how it came about
One beautiful Wednesday morning as I began working my day with a vengeance, determined and
excited to finally kick a tremendous big old hole into the telly sales list
But evidently, God had other plans for me
An old friend, Hannes Viljoen who lives in Philadelphia USA, was in town.
As I hadn’t seen him in over two years, I gladly accepted his invitation to lunch
He’s the kind of person for whom you gladly free up your diary to spend time in his company
I found myself praying on the way to meet my friend, I told God our Father should He
speak to me through Hannes during lunch, I would be attentive and do what was asked of me
During our conversation, Hannes asked me when I would begin to minister
Coincidentally it was at the moment of my wife’s arrival at our table. I prayed over our meal and
mentioned a friend’s observation regarding a story about a tortoise and a fence pole.
According to my friend, it is self-evident the tortoise got to pole position with the help of another
And so it is that I prayed and expressed my view of the similarities between the tortoise on the
pole and we three gathered around a table for lunch –  Divine intervention seems self-evident
I answered my friends’ question by speaking about my work as a kind of ministry,
but he stopped me in mid-sentence saying I was avoiding the question he’d put to me
“you’re a teacher,” he said, “when will you begin to teach, to minister the word?”
My wife and I were astonished, we’d been discussing at length my sense of  teaching as my calling,  and was something that had
Become far too intense and felt to keep ignoring
Hannes told me of a person who’d begun  online teaching from a place of pure love for God,
and how the ministry grew and kept growing massively
All the while listening to Hannes’ stories of the growth of the ministry I received probably a dozen confirmations speaking to my own burning questions of my heart

The time is now 3 AM on Thursday 11 January 2018 and

Kobus Bosman Word Seed Ministry has just been born
I am humbled
I am super excited
I am super anxious
But most of all I am thankful...
I am thankful that the only living God, the Father of Love - The Alpha and the Omega has faith in me, to allow me to teach His word to His precious bride.
Here I am God send me, Your will be done…

On more than one occasion God has given me confirmation that He wants me to Teach His Word
Read about it on my blogs, Say to Zion; you are my church, and She`s a ghosty, but she’s a friendly Ghost.
Although I don’t have formal Theological training, I’ll be teaching from His Word
from my heart and through real-life testimonies inspired by the Holy Ghost
Reaching ordinary people in the living of their lives with a hunger for God, not knowing 
their hunger is a yearning to know God through His resurrected Son, Jesus Christ

The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords

SERMONS: concentrate on real life issues
Live Webinars: Attending church services in the comfort of your home – live and interactive
Podcasts: Interviews with people who share their joys and pain so that others may find
the strength and inspiration from their experiences
To help spread the word and help us grow, please join us in praying that God’s Will be done,

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